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It has taken years to build, but could disappear in an instant...

The enterprise value of many of Arizona’s law firms is largely dependent upon the flow of computer information.

  • How are you dealing with the potential for destruction if a computer virus destroyed your primary data server?
  • Could your firm survive a disaster of 9/11 proportions?
  • On a lesser scale, are you ready for the inconvenience of losing your laptop?
  • Oor having an email bug eat 25% of your files?

Arizona’s large law firms are spending millions of dollars to create duplicate work environments that will ensure continued operations in case of a major disaster. The ABA Journal and The Arizona Attorney are profiling these and lesser risks. Unfortunately, small law firms cannot afford large-firm solutions.

KEYED COMMUNICATIONS, L.L.C offers you a new service we call Digital-LockDown. We think it is the best solution to the digital danger these troubled times bring to firms like yours.

KEYCOMM is a data processing consulting firm that fills a unique niche in the legal world. We specialize in assisting law firms by building and managing their computer networks and providing data backup, Internet access, email, and data security. We have created a digital-disaster recovery plan. We have created a digital infrastructure that will allow you to continue seamless operations irrespective of the severity of the disaster. Our new system replicates your data, images your hard drives, and stores everything offsite. In addition, we provide the equipment and processing sites that small law firms will need when facing small worms or big monsters.

The key questions are:

  • How much down time can you live with?
  • How much data are you willing to lose in the event of a disaster?

KEYCOMM’s digital-disaster recovery plans are customized and cost-efficient.

You may have already created an I/T solution that is invulnerable to fire, theft, negligence, sabotage and corruption. Your network might already be duplicated offsite and will therefore provide you with timely access when you need to restore your network and use your data. You may have a place to go if your offices are quarantined (or worse). If not, invest fifteen minutes and learn more about the KEYCOMM solution.

Call Gary Stuart at 602 997 6949 or Rod Lamb at 602 216 0001.


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